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The Toast-Fish

The Toast-Fish appears in many episodes such as in the episode Pranks a Lot as in dialog with Harold's Ex-Girlfriend and Fred. After SpongeBob and Patrick turned into “Ghosts” with the Invisable Spray, they scare a large amount of fish. You can see that they all scream “Ghosts!”, but the Toast-Fish says “Toast!” who points to a slice of toast. This appearance just is a “gag”. You can also see him in the episode Patty Hype, when Mr. Krabs, who wants to go to the Pretty Patty Stand, walks into the White Bread Fish, who is the last in the line. His real name is unknown.


[edit] Looks

The Toast Fish has a green skin, orange lips and light-green fins with fingers. He also has a light-green backfin.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Patty Hype

Mr. Krabs: “I've got to see this for me self!”
Toast Fish: “Hey! Watch it, buddy. I don't care how much you want your Pretty Patty. You're gonna have to wait in line like the rest of us.”

[edit] Pranks a Lot

Harold's Ex-Girlfriend: “Ghosts!”
Fred: “Ghosts!”
Grandad: “Ghosts!”
Man: “Ghosts!”
Toast Fish: “Toast!”

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