Mrs. Wormsley

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Mrs. Wormsley with her Children

Mrs. Wormsley is a small, pink spotted glistening meadow worm that appears in the episode Pet or Pests.

[edit] Looks

She is a pink worm.

[edit] Attitude

Mrs.Wormsleys Attitude Is Probably Bad . Gary Her Enemy Then She Run Away To Gary In The Bus

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Originally, SpongeBob called the worm Mr. Wormsley. Soon, though, he discovered it was a girl when she reproduced.
  • Gary chased her away from SpongeBob's House and then she took the bus.
  • It is unknown if she will ever return.
  • Mrs. Wormsley got five small babies.
  • She is not the same worm as the Guard-Worm.
  • Her babies got sold away.
  • If the babies can squirt fluid, why can't the mother?

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