Sea Urchins

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Sea Urchins crawling over SpongeBob

Sea Urchins are small pests featured in some episodes including Nature Pants.

[edit] Looks

They appear on all rocks located in the Bikini Bottom area. In the episode Squidward's School for Grown-Ups, the Sea Urchin on Patrick's face were colored brown instead of black, it could hop instead of crawl, with big eye whites and could talk. Although that could be a different species of Sea Urchin.

[edit] Information

They are also known as "Poison" Sea Urchins. They live in the Poison Sea Urchin Cave. They are probably the undersea equivalent of spiders and ticks. However, in Eek, an Urchin!, they act like mice or cockroaches and was found in the kitchen.

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