Harold's Ex-Girlfriend

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Harold with his Ex-Girlfriend

Harold's Ex-Girlfriend appears in alot of episodes. In the episode Wishing You Well she wants to go to a Wishing Well with her boyfriend Harold to throw a coin into it. This doesn’t work though, because Mr. Krabs doesn’t want that there is money in the wishing well. Mr. Krabs asks them what a wishing well is and Harold and his Ex-Girlfriend tell him. In the newer episodes, Harold’s girlfriend is Nancy, which shows that Harold and his Ex-Girlfriend separated from eachother. The reason why they separated is unknown. Harold and Nancy might be girlfriend and boyfriend because it is shown in the episode Boating Buddies that both Nancy and Harold are in Boating School. In their class, you can see Harold’s Ex-Girlfriend. She is also seen in the episode Have You Seen This Snail? in a shop in Bass Vegas eating a Krabby Patty with Fred.


Harold’s Ex-Girlfriend has a violet-coloured skin, has blonde hair which has a pink hairband in it. She also has pink-coloured lips. She wears a white pearl necklace around her neck and has a pink dress.


  • Harold's Ex-Girlfriend: Make a wish, dear.
    Harold: All my wishes have already come true.
    Harold's Ex-Girlfriend: Oh you. (tosses the coin at the well)

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