The Moth

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The Moth

The Moth is a villain that Mermaid Man has been searching 57 years for. SpongeBob teams up with him to try and capture it, but it breaks free from Mermaid Man's gadgets and SpongeBob's jellyfish net. Finally, SpongeBob traps the Moth inside the lighthouse. However, the villain is able to lift the lighthouse (along with SpongeBob's pineapple), only to flee out of sight. His only appearance so far is in the episode Night Light.The Moth is voiced by Mark Hamill.

[edit] Looks

The Moth is muscular, has a light brown body, a green head, and red eyes. He also has giant wings. He somehow resembles Man Ray.

[edit] Trivia

He might be a reference to the Batman villain Killer Moth. Also, Mark Hamill voiced the Joker (1994-2011).

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
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