Puffy Fluffy

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Puffy Fluffy
Puffy Fluffy as a Monster

Puffy Fluffy so far just appears in the Episode A Pal for Gary. Gary fears him. He is a Mini-Eel and every time SpongeBob goes away, Puffy Fluffy tries to attack Gary, but every time SpongeBob appears again, he stops and acts innocent. When SpongeBob goes to bed, Gary finds him transformed into an eel-like monster. Puffy Fluffy once again attacks Gary, causing destruction in the Pineapple.

[edit] Looks

Puffy Fluffy has green skin, big, purple eyes, cute girly eyelashes, and red cheeks. He also had blue fins. (Cute Fish Version)

[edit] Monster

Puffy Fluffy has green skin, scary eyes, and is much bigger than before. He also has sharp, jagged teeth, with four tongues that also have large sharp teeth.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Puffy is featured in Gary's Revenge, an online SpongeBob game.
  • SpongeBob is unaware that Puffy Fluffy is a monster. He blames Gary for the destruction that Puffy Fluffy causes.
  • Even at the end of the episode, SpongeBob never realizes Pluffy Fuffy's malicious nature.
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