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Kevin with his Hardcore Pants

Kevin the Sea Cucumber is a cucumber seen in the episode of I'm Your Biggest Fanatic answering questions for the crowd of the Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention. He is the leader of the Jellyfishing club, The Jellyspotters--which he later admits joining only for the fashion. He reckons SpongeBob is a nerd when his club members are mostly nerds. He has many fans including SpongeBob. Kevin always gets stung by Jellyfish. He tells SpongeBob that the way to find a queen jellyfish is to stand up in a tree and yell out a call, which is "Loser". Then he and The Jellyspotters go into a giant robot queen jellyfish to trick SpongeBob. But then the real Jellyfish King shows up and Kevin gets scared and starts sucking his thumb, saying "I want my mommy. I want my blanky." So SpongeBob gives the jellyfish a bubble shaped like pie and King Jellyfish goes away. The Jellyspotters want to make SpongeBob their new leader, but he refuses.

[edit] Looks

Kevin wears brown pants which he has labels for all kinds of stuff relating to Jellyfish, on the top of his head is a yellow thing (or like real sea cucumbers, a spike) shaped as a crown, although we soon find out that it really isn't a hat, it's part of his actual body. He wears black circle glasses and he's quite stubby and skinny.

[edit] Attitude

Kevin thinks he is the best. He is actually a scared being, because when they all were in trouble, he just curled up and said, "Help me mommy, help me!!! I want my blankey!!! I want my blankey!!!!!". Kevin was the inventor of Jellyfish Sting Ointment Repellent (seen on a giant billboard in Jellyfish Fields). Kevin turned out to lie about himself, and he was really making a hoax. He usually is a target of Jellyfish to be stung.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kevin is a sea cucumber, and sea cucumber is the part of an animal group called echinoderms (animals that evolved with bilateral symmetry).
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