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Anchovies in beta version, because of the Red and Brown coloration and there are no others
Octavius Rex, A bald Anchovy

Anchovies are fish that seem to be very smart; many of them are business men and nerds. They can be annoying when in a feeding frenzy which happened once at the Krusty Krab. Most anchovies can be found on the street in Downtown Bikini Bottom. They are in a very skinny shape. Their voices are similar to the Nematodes and ducks. Their voices have been changed sometimes. In Help Wanted they only say Meep Meep, but in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture they can say Unite!, And in The Clash of Triton they say Trun Trun Trun Trun Trun!

The anchovies were the key to SpongeBob's success because without them, he would not be working at the Krusty Krab. Believe it or not, they're the first fish to appear in the TV series. They appear to be successful men who have rich and great jobs with lots and lots of money. Billy Fishkins is the most popular anchovy in Bikini Bottom. Anchovies are usually brown or blue.

[edit] Appearance Info

Throughout the series, many anchovies have been spotted, but in certain episodes, they play an important role.

Help Wanted
The only thing that they say is "Meep!", "food", and complaining. Anchovies fill up the inner area of the Krusty Krab except for the Kitchen, where SpongeBob is able to use the Krabby Patties to get the anchovies out. The Anchovies like to eat Krabby Patties. Also, they seemed to eat many without chewing them enough times, although one anchovy just ate one Krabby Patty. They also destroyed The Looney Express (later fixed), and formed a giant tsunami.

I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
In this episode, the Jellyspotters, the anchovies have changed. The anchovies now can say anything else than Meep! Some of their other talking quotes were, "Wah, Wa Wha!", and usually get in fights with Kevin the Sea Cucumber often. They're the Jellyspotters who are professional jellyfishers, until it's come to known that Kevin only created the company fake (possibly to become famous). They controlled the Queen Jellyfish Robot, until soon King Jellyfish tries to kill all the anchovies, SpongeBob, and the awful Kevin. Soon, they made SpongeBob their Jellyspotter King for getting rid of King Jellyfish to eat pie soon. They were also up on the stage with Kevin when they were at the Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention.

The Chaperone
It is revealed that Pearl's ex-boyfriend is Octavius Rex, a anchovy that is bald and quite ugly instead of long, tan, and handsome. The anchovies were revealed to be very famous boyfriends but still only said Meep! Meep! One very cool anchovy called Billy Fishkins appeared in Whale of a Birthday, where he was Pearl's boyfriend Birthday Present.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture
In this episode , The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fan club, the anchovies have changed. In a last few episodes the anchovies said meep and wah wa wha. But this time they said unite. The nerd who appeared in No Weenies Allowed was the leader of the club.

The Clash of Triton
In this episode, they intend to attack Triton!

The Play's the Thing

They were attending to be in the play that Squidward wrote at The Krusty Krab.

[edit] Trivia

  • According to Mr. Krabs, The Anchovies smell... Smelly! Anchovies smell awful!
  • They appeared in the first ever episode: Help Wanted.
  • Apparently, they live in sardine cans.
  • One of the Anchovies names is Mabel.
  • Fred is the closest resemblance of the anchovies.
  • Another Anchovy is named Lenny, as revealed in Good Ol' Whatshisname.
  • Some anchovies can speak (like Lenny and Mable), but some only say "meep"

[edit] Appearances

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