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Squilliam Fancyson III
Address: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Occupation: Band owner, millionaire, artist
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Squilliam Fancyson III is a very rich octopus who is Squidward's rival. He makes several appearances throughout the series.



He was Squidward's rival in high school band class. As a student, Squilliam claimed that Squidward "sucked eggs". He is very stuck-up and mean, but he seems to have a large group of followers. He says he has a balloon/casino, a private yacht, island, lake, and more. A small glimpse of his mansion is seen in "Band Geeks" when Squilliam calls Squidward. He was not seen after he walked out of the destroyed Krusty Krab in Squilliam Returns until he reappears in the Season 6 episode: "House Fancy", he is being interviewed on a TV show by Nicholas Withers. He calls Squidward "Squiddy".


Squilliam looks almost exactly like Squidward, with the most obvious difference being Squilliam's cherished black unibrow. He is an octopus with six tentacles, wearing a red-and-black robe with an ascot.

Abilities, Associates and Clubs

Squilliam is an extra clarinet player and an extra dancer. He owns his own music school and tutors dance students. He is a member of the Bikini Bottom Country Club along with rival, Squidward. Squilliam has been seen on TV in many shows, such as House Fancy, Squidward's House Party, Fab and Fancy and many more. In later seasons Squilliam has an accent.


Squiliam's house is a glamourous mansion with 12 floors. It has a whirlpool bath elevator, a golden toilet, a jewel-encrusted toilet paper rack, and a gilded doorknob. Squilliam's house was seen on House Fancy. It also has a rooftop garden, a pink soda waterfall, and a 24-foot long statue of Squiliam's unibrow made entirely out of gilded doorknobs. His house also has pictures of himself all around the house.



  • He is known to take long baths outside.
  • It is said in the episode "Professor Squidward" that he is a great drummer.
  • He plays at the Bubble Bowl.
  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • He is Squidward's rival from band class.
  • He has achieved everything Squidward wished he could achieve: money, fame, and success.
  • Squilliam's name is the combination of "Squid" and "William".
  • In "Professor Squidward", we learn that Squilliam's full name is Squilliam Fancyson the Third.
  • He uses a private helicopter to get off of his private island.
  • He also has a hot air balloon/casino, but how is that possible to fit both things into one?
  • In the episode "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful", Squilliam had a community service statue. It melted from the heat of Squidward's dirt statue (which SpongeBob made), and Squilliam was given a littering ticket.
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