Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (Episode)

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Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.jpg

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Episode No.: 131a
Season: 7
Airdate: 2 January 2010
Previous Episode: Model Sponge
Next Episode: A Pal for Gary
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

"Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" is an episode from Season 7.






Squidward gets in trouble and has to do community service. Squilliam comes and brags about his statue. Squidward says he is cleaning Bikini Bottom because he wants to help. So he cleans up Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob is in a trash bag. The garbage is spilled and SpongeBob makes it disappear. Squidward finally notices his house is on top of a replica of his house made of garbage. SpongeBob makes a statue of him made of garbage and the smell melts Squilliam's Statue. When the police officer walks up, he gives Squilliam a ticket for Squilliam's messed-up statue, then he give Squidward another ticket for the garbage statue, then he gives a ticket to SpongeBob as the episode ends.


  • This is the 1st time SpongeBob gets a ticket.
  • The Cop gave Squidward tickets a total of 12 times.
  • The Cop thought that Squidward kept littering. But other people littered.
  • Squidward and Squilliam both lost in this episode.
  • When SpongeBob soaks up all the garbage, it is similar to Greasy Buffoons when he soaks up the grease.
  • Why would the cop give Squidward a ticket for Squilliam throwing a piece of trash at Squidward in the area to pick up litter?
  • Squidward could have just walked away from all the pieces of trash that came near him to avoid being ticketed by the cop.
  • The German title is Der Müll muss weg!, which means The garbage has to go!, the episode's original title.
  • This episode was originally going to be aired with Kracked Krabs, but with aired with A Pal for Gary instead.


Transcript for Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

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