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Harold William "Bill" Reginald is a cameo character seen in many episodes. He is a blue fish who has a shark-like fin who loves to eat at the Krusty Krab.

He is a torch lighter at the Fry Cook Games in the Fast Food Coliseum. His name is revealed in the episode Roller Cowards when he fell out of the Fiery Fist O Pain and Nancy shouted "Harold! No!!!" in the ride promotion. His name is also mentioned in the episode Gary in Love. Harold works at Glove World, as the person who checks people if they are okay to ride the Fiery Fist O Pain. In Jellyfish Hunter, he and Nat Peterson tried to sell SpongeBob something. In Gary in Love, Harold was a pet shop worker, and had a black shirt. He said "Harold didn't do it, didn't do it Harold."

He went to the Komedy Krab and also Squidward's Talent Show. He is not to be confused with Mr. Krabs' alter ego "Harold Flower", a name used in the episode Born Again Krabs. In some episodes,(Squirrel Jokes, Band Geeks, Sun Bleached) he has an Australian accent. Harold first appeared in the episode "Ripped Pants". He is Peterson's best friend. And he was seen as one of the customers in The Chum Caverns in the episode Chum Caverns. In Grandma's Kisses he teased SpongeBob, while he got in. He said Oh yeah we're definitely out of here! in Your Shoe's Untied. In Christmas Who? he wears a black t-shirt.

He is not to be confused with Father SquarePants, whose name is also Harold.


[edit] Looks

Harold is cyan-skinned. He wears a white shirt, red shorts, and red vans sneakers and a shark-like fin. In the episode "Your Shoe's Untied," he was seen nude. And again in The Battle of Bikini Bottom and Stanley S. SquarePants. But he is seen skinnier in the episode Ripped Pants (Episode)

[edit] Attitude

He is usually polite, but can become very angry at times. In Band Geeks and Mid-Life Crustacean, he calls Mr. Krabs "old" and "old man". He seems to hate old people, as seen in these two episodes, and in The Bully (Episode), where he mistakes an old man for the bully.

[edit] Harold's house

Harold's house is one of houses downtown. The only part of his house shown is the bathroom in the episode "Pranks a Lot".

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

[edit] Quotes

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