Mt. Bikini Bottom

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Mt. Bikini Bottom erupting.

Mt. Bikini Bottom is an submarine volcano named after the town. It was only seen in Sponge-Cano!. However in Are You Happy Now? it look like any other regular mountain as a milestone was set as SpongeBob and Squidward became the first to "Climb" the mountain after they blew off from a ballon ride as Harold was going to be but got upset when they arrived and gave the flag to put on the mountain. But SpongeBob accidentally put it on Squidward's foot.

[edit] Eruption

The volcano suddenly erupted during Sponge-Cano! but besides that the only other time that it erupted in ancient times and the only survivor was the Dolphin Warrior, as he was the only one who knew how to stop it (sacrificing the most miserable man's house).

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