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Harold SquarePants
Gender: Male
Species: Sponge
Color: Brown
Height: Average
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Harold SquarePants is SpongeBob's dad. He is married to Margaret SquarePants.

[edit] Episode Appearances

[edit] Looks

Mr. SquarePants has a moustache and wears thick glasses, a white shirt, and brown pants pulled up to his stomach. He also blushes at certain times and he wears a black and yellow belt. He is not fat, yet does not look very strong.

[edit] Appearances and Life

He lives in a house with his wife, Claire. They raised SpongeBob and Gary for a long period of time until the two boys could live on their own. Harold first appeared in the episode: Home Sweet Pineapple. They also appear in "No Free Rides", where Mr. SquarePants kissed Mrs. Puff's hand and gave his son a boat mobile for passing his driver's test. In "Driven to Tears" he seems sad that SpongeBob does not have his license, saying how "even Patrick has a license".

In the episode "BlackJack" it was found that his name is Harold. In the episode: New Digs, Mother and Father SquarePants visit SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab. He settles in Mr. Krab's office and waits for his wife to get out of the shower. When Mr. Krabs opens up the curtain and Mother SquarePants is there, he beats up Mr. Krabs. In the episode: Culture Shock, they visit the Krusty Krab to see Squidward's Talent Show. In the episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV, we see Mother SquarePants but not him.
Mr. SquarePants is voiced by Tom Kenny and for some reason is shaped like a normal sea sponge, unlike SpongeBob. He also appeared in a picture in Sing a Song of Patrick, where Father Squarepants hated Patrick's song, so Gretchen turned the picture to the other side.

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