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Huford BargainBottom

Huford BargainBottom is a crab. He just appears in the episode Kracked Krabs he is a member of the Penny Pinchers. He tries to win the Price of the Penny Pinchers and beat Mr. Krabs, Endwight Keywad and Fancy McGee. At the end of the episode he doesn't win the price, Mr. Krabs does. The reason why he is a member of the Penny Pinchers is because when somebody buys food which has more times the flavor (in this case three times), he scans the food as many times the flavor, to make it deerer. In the competition video of him, he is seen to do this with Frank.


Huford BargainBottom is - like all crabs - red. He wears a blue-green suit and a white shirt with a purple tie. He has mild stubble and always looks angry.


  • Judge: Next up is Huford BargainBottom in: "Convenience Store Caper!"
    (Video shows a customer walking to Huford, the cashier, with a bag of chips. Huford scans it three times)
    Customer: Uh, you charged me three times.
    Huford: Yeah. Three times the flavor, three times the price! (Applause)

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