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Mr. Magic and Charlie

Mr. Magic is a fake genie, similar to the one in The Wizard of Oz, controlled by Horace B. Magic. With the fake genie, Horace is able to sell Magic Kits. Mr. Magic only appears in the episode Hocus Pocus. Mr. Magic manages to fool SpongeBob to buying a magic kit.

[edit] Looks

Mr. Magic has a green face with a purple turban on his head. The rest of his body is not shown because there is a cloudy mist blocking out everything else.

[edit] Enemies with SpongeBob and Patrick

SpongeBob and Patrick go to Mr. Magic's castle thinking that Mr. Magic could change "Squidward" back, since that SpongeBob changed Squidward into Ice cream (as he thinks). SpongeBob asks Mr. Magic to change Squidward back, but Mr. Magic refuses, and he makes excuses of why he can't help them. SpongeBob keeps asking, but Patrick discovers that Mr. Magic is controlled by Horace B. Magic.

[edit] Attitude

Mr. Magic's attitude is very cheerful, but since he is a fake, he refuses to help SpongeBob and Patrick. When SpongeBob "turns Squidward into an ice cream cone".

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