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Bass Vegas!

Bass Vegas is a large city outside of Bikini Bottom.It is estimated to have upwards of 500,000 inhabitants although this figure could be up to 750,000. It is seen in the episode Have You Seen This Snail?, Bikini Bottom Brawlers, & Viva Bass Vegas. It also could have been the city that the moss pointed to in Pizza Delivery. There is a variety of outings and shops in this city, with shops by the name of: "Martha's Craft Zone" and, "Hotel" and many more different shops and places. The place is an allusion and parody of the real: Las Vegas, because of its amazing neon advertising and large amount of shops and clubs.

Fred seems to eat here and he could possibly live there. There has been a report that there is a Pokies area near the entrance of the city. SpongeBob only travels here to find his lost pet and pal Gary. Otherwise, the place has not been seen elsewhere.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Bass Vegas is an obvious parody of Las Vegas.
  • There is a species of fish in real life, called sea bass, which obviously relates to the name.
  • It only appeared in Have You Seen This Snail?
  • The boats look like real cars and the exaust is located in different places instead of on the bumper. Boats are built at an old warehouse. The engines are back and front. These kind of boats can be imported or exported.
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