Dougie Williams

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Dougie the clown

Dougie Williams is a comedian (clown) that opened the show of the Komedy Krab. His only appearance and performance was in the episode: Squirrel Jokes. Dougie is a straightforward clown with a twist. He said that he would skip the jokes and start throwing pies at the people! He also told SpongeBob that the crowd was "easy to impress".

[edit] Looks/Appearance

Dougie is a orange fish who is quite slim. Coming out of his ears is purple fluff and it goes out pretty far. He wears a nice striped top that is two shades of blue. He has brown shoes and he has thin, green pants. He also has quite big eyes and a 'Cool' Smile.

[edit] Attitude

Dougie's attitude is very happy and cheerful and his voice is mid range with a big smile and a calm attitude. Dougie Williams' looks also reflect that he is a happy guy.

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