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Kelp Fries in the episode Greasy Buffoons
Kelp Fries in the episode Kracked Krabs

Kelp Fries appear in the episodes Greasy Buffoons and Kracked Krabs, both of which were part of Season 7. They are sold at the Krusty Krab.

[edit] Info

In Greasy Buffoons, they are made with Krabby Patty grease. When SpongeBob attempts to give them to Billy, he slips on a grease puddle and the Kelp Fries, together with a Krabby Cola and a Krabby Patty, fly into Billy's face. In Kracked Krabs, they are made out of sea potatoes. In that episode, they are cooked in a frying basket.

[edit] Looks

The Kelp Fries look different in both episodes:

  • In Greasy Buffoons, they look like flat french fries. In the episode, they are sold in a red box with the golden letters "KK" on it, similar to how McDonald's sells its french fries.
  • In Kracked Krabs, they look more like actual french fries. They are sold in a red-and-white patterned box in the episode.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kelp Fries are likely the undersea version of french fries.

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