Synthetic Krabby Patties

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A Synthetic Krabby Patty. Gross!

Synthetic Krabby Patties are a disgusting food that Carl used to make at the Krabby O Mondays. People used to like these patties, but after Mr. Krabs sees them, he shows what is inside the patty to the people. Everyone thought the patty was disgusting even though they were eating it anyway. This patty is only seen in the episode: Selling Out. They are made from sludge that comes out of a machine, then spray-painted to look like a regular hamburger, then finally heated in a furnace.

[edit] Quotes

(A Synthetic Krabby Patty comes out of the machine and onto SpongeBob's hands) "Where's the love?" -SpongeBob

[edit] Trivia

  • It's just disgusting goop spray painted to look like a Krabby Patty.
  • It's only featured in one episode "Selling Out".
  • This could be a reference to pink slime, a scandal that happens in some fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonald’s).
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