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A Spongy Patty

Spongy Patties are rotting Krabby Patties, found in the back of the freezer. Mr. Krabs thought they looked like SpongeBob so he used them for The Krusty Sponge. The patties were very popular by the end of the episode. But, the mold had poison in it and almost got Mr. Krabs arrested.

[edit] Looks

They are rotten Krabby Patties that turned yellow and grew spots of mold.

[edit] Appearance

These patties gave everyone food poisoning (called "zombies") and Mr. Krabs almost got sent to jail by Judge Horace A. Whopper (He uses a SpongeBob Gavel).

[edit] Trivia

  • As soon as you ate a Spongy Patty, you would instantly be turned into a SpongeBob-like color, get covered in spots colored like SpongeBob's pores, and walk and act like a zombie.
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