SpongeBob's Sundae

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SpongeBob's Sundae
SpongeBob's breath after he ate the sundae

SpongeBob's Sundae, as seen in Something Smells, is a sundae SpongeBob made in celebration of it being Sunday with ketchup, onions, and a peanut plant(including the soil). What made the sundae smell really bad was the peanut plant because it was possibly very rotten. He used these ingredients because he did not have ice cream and because bananas and cherries were "boring." It gave SpongeBob bad breath that caused everyone in Bikini Bottom, excluding Patrick (because he doesn't have a nose), to avoid him. Patrick tries some of the sundae and that's when SpongeBob realized that the sundae gave them both rancid breath.

[edit] Ingredients

  • Ketchup
  • Onions
  • Whole Peanut Plant

[edit] Rejected Ingredients

  • Ice Cream (All Out)
  • Peanuts (Gary ate them all)
  • Bananas and cherries (Boring...)

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