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A Sponge Cake

The Sponge Cake only appeared in To Save a Squirrel and was mentioned in Blackened Sponge. Patrick had one of these and was going to offer SpongeBob but SpongeBob thought Patrick was going to eat him.

[edit] Looks

It has bright yellow outside and according to Patrick it has a delicious creamy filling inside. May be a different version of Twinkie from hostess.

[edit] Quotes

Patrick: Hey SpongeBob. (his stomach growls)

SpongeBob: Sounds like you're hungry.

Patrick: Oh, boy am I! I'm soooooo hungry, I could eat anything! I could eat an entire sponge..

SpongeBob: Aah-aaahhhhh!!!! (runs away)

Patrick: ...cake. I was just going to share my golden sponge cake with him. It has delicious cream filling too! (eats it)

[edit] Trivia

  • It may be a reference to Twinkies.

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