Canned Bread

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Canned Bread

Canned Bread is bread packed conveniently in a can and is supposedly one of Squidward's favorite things to eat. The can reads "Best Thing Since Sliced". When Squidward moves to Tentacle Acres, he is surprised to find out that Canned Bread can be bought at the local store. Canned Bread has so far been seen in two episodes Squidville and Atlantis SquarePantis (seen in Squidward's painting).

[edit] Boxing and Places to Buy It

The boxing of the food is almost identical to a can of soup and to a soda can, although it is labeled: "Canned bread" and there is a picture of the canned bread to the right. Canned bread can be bought at the grocery store, Full o' Health, in Tentacle Acres. It can also presumably be bought at the Barg'n Mart. Atlantis is another place with Canned Bread. Squidward visits Atlantis with Sandy, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob (And Plankton) (Plankton comes with them because he wants to use Atlantis's powerful weapons in order to become emperor of the city) and Squidward paints Canned Bread on his first time popular artwork.

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