Triple Gooberberry Sunrise

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The Sundae!
SpongeBob and Patrick after eating too many

Triple Gooberberry Sunrise is a sundae featured in The Movie at Goofy Goobers.

[edit] Looks

It is presumably vanilla ice cream with three bananas with cherries on top for arms, chocolate sauce for hair, three chocolate buttons for eyes and a big smile which is is made out of licorice.

[edit] Appearance

SpongeBob and Patrick were eating them very quickly and rapidly at the Nut Bar, which caused them to get a big ice-cream headache - "hangover". All the mess that SpongeBob and Patrick made flew onto the Goofy Goober waiter. In the middle of the mess getting flung into him the waiter said "Why do have to get the 'nuts.'"

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • It was funny when the waiter said 'Why do I have to get the nuts?" because he works at a nut bar
  • It was mentioned in the Clash of Triton by SpongeBob, however he mentioned it as "Gooberry", not "Gooberberry." Harold also asked for one at the ice cream shop in Porous Pockets. However, he asks for extra nuts, and there are NO nuts on the sundae.
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