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Patrick owns Gummy and he handsels it to SpongeBob at Best Friends Day and SpongeBob gives Patrick a robo-butler. It is only seen in The Gift of Gum. The Strawberry Gum is just a wad of used gum he has amassed over his entire lifetime. It is fondly referred to as Gummy, and SpongeBob finds it a better gift than his own. SpongeBob doesn't love it after the fun moment happend. Then he tried to do some things. SpongeBob was disgusted by Gummy. It had a slice of moldy pizza, a pair of hideous underwear, a toothbrush, and all sorts of yucky things. People were trapped in the big and sticky ball of gum, but they were unexpectedly saved by SpongeBob. When SpongeBob tried to remove it from the house, it exploded to the 3 houses. Patrick ate it, but burped it all out over Bikini Bottom.

[edit] Fun Moment

  • When he takes it home, it starts to scare him including a segment where a pair of underpants crawls out of the gum, slides up to SpongeBob, and says in a demonic voice "You're not Patrick!".

[edit] Things SpongeBob does to the Strawberry Gum

  1. He tries to hide it in the trash bin, but when Patrick comes, he says he gave it a makeover.
  2. He tries to hide it in a hole but tells Patrick he wants to look at it from a better angle. SpongeBob's fails when Patrick has Gummy placed on the front of SpongeBob's house calling it A million times better.
  3. Steal it like a robber
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