Snail Nip

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Snail Nip

Snail Nip is a type of snail food featured in the episode Dumped.

[edit] Appearance

The can has a snail very similar to jim on it and SNAIL NIP written on it. The food itself looks like brownish goo. It is very stretchy when one eats it, making "boing" sounds when chewed.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Mr. puff ate the Snail Nip to entice Gary to come back to him.
  • It is a parody of catnip, because snails are the underwater equivalent of cats. Unlike actual catnip, however, it is chewy, sticky, and gooey, and it also makes sounds.
  • It may be edible by anybody, because SpongeBob, [[Patrick Star|Patrick)), and Gary eat it.
  • SpongeBob was shown to hate Gary's breakfast food in [[Missing Identity}}, but he is shown to enjoy Snail Nip.
  • SpongeBob
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