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Snail Bites are treats that were on a commercial that SpongeBob saw at the Krusty Krab in the episode Treats!. Then he bought them and brought them home for Gary and Gary liked so much that when he had eaten enough, SpongeBob made him do tricks for them. After Gary ate the whole box in one day he meowed like crazy. SpongeBob couldn't sleep because of this, so he went to every pet store in the ocean to get more but he couldn't find them. SpongeBob eventually had to learn from Patrick to tell Gary "No", because he never finds another box of Snail Bites. At the end, it is revealed that Patrick bought the last known box but ran out, and he proceeds to meow just like Gary

[edit] Appearance

Snail Bites look like small, brown twigs. Snail Bites come in a rectangular, aquamarine box. The box has a picture of a Snail Bite in a yellow circle, and "SNAiL BiTES" in red text.
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[edit] People Who Like Snail Bites

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Snail Bites may be addictive, as Gary and Patrick heavily desire them after their supplies run out.
  • Snail Bite withdrawal may cause the person in question to meow, as Gary and Patrick both meow.
  • To get Gary to stop meowing and chasing him, SpongeBob lies and tells Gary that he saw a half-eaten box of Snail Bites in his house.
  • It is unknown who invented Snail Bites, who owned the Snail Bites Factory (presumably the only known worker?), or whether or not the Snail Bites recipe was a secret recipe.
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