The Kuddly Krab Patty

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Two Kuddly Krab Patties, A.K.A. "Salads"

The Kuddly Krab Patty was Pearl's version of a Krabby Patty in the episode: Bossy Boots. The Patty was only served at The Kuddly Krab, a short time takeover of the Krusty Krab by Pearl Krabs.


[edit] Taste and Looks

The Kuddly Krab Patty is also called a Salad and it simply has a piece of sliced Tomato and a leaf of Lettuce underneath the tomato. SpongeBob had never made one before and he was shocked because he had to dismember an original Krabby Patty. The only colour it had was the red for the Tomato and the Green for the Lettuce leaf.

[edit] Popularity

So far in the show, the Kuddly Krab Patty has only been served a few times. The Patty was simple to make so many would have been sold... but SpongeBob hated making them so that could have been worse.

[edit] Cost and Profits

The Salad cost $2 and because of its simpleness, they would have earned an average profit. It was proven at the end of the episode, that the Kuddly Krab was doing hopeless so there was no point even making the restaurant or Particular food in the First Place.

[edit] Trivia

  • This Version of the Krabby Patty Possibly has no formula.
  • SpongeBob pronounces Salads as "Sal-ads".
  • Pearl said to remove certain parts of the patty including condiments. However, once you put condiments on you can't take them off.
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