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Jellyfish Jelly is simply jelly produced by Jellyfish. SpongeBob will occasionally collect some, but only a full jar. SpongeBob gave Fred a sample, and it was so good that he broke into a song and he gave a sample to everyone else leading to the success of the Jelly Patty until Mr. Krabs went too far and SpongeBob and No Name stopped him.

It was seen in the episodes : Jellyfish Hunter, Jellyfish Jam and Picture Day.

[edit] Taste

Jellyfish Jelly tastes very good, and proved successful. Some have different flavors, depending on the jellyfish. Whether it's the classic pink jelly, or No Name's jelly, you know what I mean.

[edit] How to get

According to SpongeBob, you must disguise and catch the jellyfish quick then "milk" the Jellyfish's "udders" which jelly will come out.

[edit] Trivia

  • Jellyfish Jelly will vary in color, depending on the color of the jellyfish. Friend produces blue jelly.
  • Real jellyfish don't actually have jelly in them. The creators of SpongeBob thought this up to produce humor.
  • Patrick asks to use SB's jelly so that he could put the Jelly on his Peanut Butter Tacos. (Seen in Picture Day)
  • One of the appearances of this product was in Suds, when SpongeBob takes a bite out of a Seanut Butter and Jellyfish Jelly Sandwich, putting him to sleep.
  • In the episode "Jellyfish Hunter" SpongeBob puts Jellyfish jelly in sandwiches.
  • The way jellyfish produce jelly is like honey made by honeybees on the surface.
  • It's good on Krabby Patties.
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