Patrick's Donut

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Patrick's Donut

Patrick's Donut was a birthday present from SpongeBob. Patrick soon forgot that it was his, and thought it was SpongeBob's. He "stole" it, but felt guilty to eat it. This donut was seen in the episode: The Donut of Shame.

[edit] Looks and Taste

The Doughnut originally tasted very good, but after Patrick repeatedly eating and regurgitating it, as well as trying to hide it in not-so-suitable places (i.e. the toilet!) it was not at all tasty. The Doughnut is chocolate-flavored and it has exactly 33 small pink sprinkles on top. It is also fairly big. You may be able to buy it from the Donut Hut.

[edit] Trivia

  • Patrick is not the only one who likes donuts. Some Police officers also eat donuts (Seen in other episodes).
  • After Patrick removed it from his pants, there was a paper clip inside of it.
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