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Kelpy G.jpeg
Gender: Trans
Species: Octopus sy
Occupation: Porno graphic actor and director
  • Playing The Game of Life, s e x, poo ping in a sock
Pen is size:
  • 12 Inches according to Patrick Star, but in another Episode Spongebob claims it to be 13 Inches while Squidward claims its 11 Inches.

Kelpy G is a bise xual po rn actor and director who is primarily known for his g ay work, although he stared in the very succesfull straight por n movie The ra pe and total destruction of Susie Fish. He is currently deployed by the por nographic label Heniously Foxy Hawt Productions and Shaggable F ag Ends Studios. He is known for his stamina, his descent acting skills and his enormous pen is, reported to be 12 Inches long. He also directed for the g ay studio Squid Viking Pictures. He has been arrested 7 times on drug charges

[edit] Looks

Kelpy G is a gay/bi po rn god

[edit] Trivia

  • Parody of musician Kenny G.
  • His manager is his boyfriend Milo J. Finkerfish.
  • His music is heard in po rn videos
  • His mom big gay
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