Dunces and Dragons (Episode)

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Dunces and Dragons
Titlecard-Dunces and Dragons.jpg

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Episode No.: 66
Season: 4
Airdate: 20 February 2006
Previous Episode: Funny Pants
Next Episode: Enemy In-Law
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
The Dungeon guard

© Viacom

"Dunces and Dragons" is an episode from Season 4.



SpongeBob and Patrick are transported to medieval times through the sky after a freak jousting accident. When they are in medieval times, SpongeBob and Patrick are sent to the castle of King Krabs where they are thrown in the dungeon. In there, they meet Squidward's ancestor Squidly later to be executed. While SpongeBob is about to be kill a giant dragon jellyfish breaks into the castle snatches pearl, and hurls king krabs into the guillotine about to kill spongebob. light shines on SpongeBob and Patrick meaning there the chosen one they have to go save Princess Pearl from the evil wizard, Planktonamor Squidly also comes with. when they go they set out they are all fitted with armour except Squiggly. when they reach the castle the Dark Knight (called medevil sandy by spongebob) starts attacking SpongeBob but SpongeBob uses his karate to knockout the dark knight unconscious. When the Dark night wakes up by patrick gargiling and spitting on her she goes with the group to save Princess Pearl. To get in the Dark knight asks to go in the guards say no so she says I need to go ask Planktonamor what punishment the prisoners deserve they are allowed entry. When there inside they have to climb heaps of stairs when they finally get to the top they are so tired they need water but Planktonamor throws the bottles away. SpongeBob distracts the evil wizard and the others free Pearl and she drops through the roof and lands at the bottom. The dragon zaps the group but when SpongeBob pulls out a Krabby Patty the dragon eats it and turns on Planktonamor by zapping him and the hero's return to the castle with Pearl. Squiddly then plays on his clarinet which spooks the seahorses into bucking spongebob and patrick off into the present they land back into the arena. SpongeBob then wonders if it was a dream but, it turns out it was completely real as Patrick shows a squashed Squidly.


  • This episode is frequently referred to as Dungeons and Dragons by mistake.
  • Bowling alleys never have been in medival times, but if this dream was true, there wouldn't be one.
  • As ancestors of Mr. Krabs and Plankton, King Krabs and Planktonamor were enemies. But in Friend or Foe?, Krabs and Plankton were friends when they were kids. Maybe King Krabs and Planktonamor settled out their differences until Krabs and Plankton fought over the Krabby Patty secret recipe.
  • This is the second ancient historical episode. The first was Ugh!
  • In My Pretty Seahorse, SpongeBob rode Mystery. However, in this episode, he says he does not know how to ride a seahorse. it probably takes place before this episode or he didnt know how to joust on a seahorse.
  • It is unknown how the dark night (aka Medieval Sandy) can live underwater without air, it would obviously have to be Planktonemor's magic.
  • All of SpongeBob’s friends has an ancestor but neither medieval SpongeBob nor Patrick was seen in this episode, although they were in a deleted scene.
  • If you see when Patrick's jousting seahorse is charging, Patrick threw his shield, but when the seahorse is about to collide, Patrick had his shield again.
  • The title is obviously a spoof of Dungeons & Dragons, a popular role-playing game.
  • Medieval Moments is a parody of Medieval Times.
  • Best Day Ever Marathon Rank: #3
  • Princess Pearl's hair resembles Princess Leia's buns from Star Wars.
  • Squidly's shoes were on when he was playing his clarinet, but when the scene cut and SpongeBob and Patrick came his shoes were not on.
  • King Krabs is doing the same thing as King Neptune.
  • In Friend or Foe? Young Mr. Krabs invents the recipe for the Krabby Patty but in this episode King Krabs invents it over 800 Years ago
  • Medieval Sandy may have passed Karate down her family to Sandy, which could be the reason Sandy is better at Karate than SpongeBob
  • When Squidly says "may my own great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandson be cursed tenfold", he was referring to Squidward.
  • Dark Knight appears to work for Planktonamor, while Present-day Sandy and Plankton barely interact with each other.
  • Second time Patrick flies. The first was The Sponge Who Could Fly.
  • According to the episode and himself, Squidly is Squidward's 7th great grandfather. This is obviously not true, as it will be 10 centuries before we see Squidward(21st century), and the remaining 6 great grandfathers can't possibly live that long, and SpongeBob's 7th great grandfather is from the 19th century. (possibly referring to Pest of the West)
  • King Krabs it said is related to a Leech and Mr. Krabs, and in Rule of Dumb Patrick is releated to a leech that looks just like King Krabs' leech so it may be possible that Patrick is releated to Mr. Krabs!


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