The Sponge Who Could Fly (Episode)

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The Sponge Who Could Fly
Titlecard The Sponge Who Could Fly.jpg

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Episode No.: 59
Season: 3
Airdate: 21 March 2003
Previous Episode: Plankton's Army
Next Episode: SpongeBob Meets the Strangler
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Gary Tom Kenny
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
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"The Sponge Who Could Fly" is an episode from Season 3



A tape of a SpongeBob episode was found under a desk at Nickelodeon, and Patchy has it! Then he lost it, and Potty and Patchy go on a quest to find it that lasts a few minutes. They find it in a treasure chest buried above land. They put it in, only to see a tape of SpongeBob going through walk cycles. Outraged, Patchy throws away all his SpongeBob merchandise. Then a sign pops on the TV screen, saying "The real lost episode will play in 10...9...8...” Patchy replaces all his stuff and sits down to watch. He does it like rewinding a tape.

In this episode, SpongeBob is jellyfishing when he notices how awesome it must be to fly like a jellyfish. He goes home to invent a flying machine. After several unsuccessful attempts, SpongeBob ties himself to a kite and Patrick pulls him on his bike. This succeeds, but everyone in town ridicules him. "But it's my dream!" shouts SpongeBob. "But what about our dreams!?" shout the townspeople. "I wanted to be a concert pianist, until I noticed I don't have any fingers" says on fish. SpongeBob's kite gives out, sending him into a truck of feathers. SpongeBob is blow-drying his hair when he gets a phone-call. He picks up the phone (a phone in his bathroom?). He sticks the blow-drier in his pocket. The phone inquires for "Birdman." While SpongeBob argues, his pants inflate. "Sorry, I have to go; my head just hit the ceiling. ...GASP!" SpongeBob shows his flying pants to the world. The citizens are amazed, and SpongeBob is the hero. SpongeBob begins saving kittens, cleaning hard-to-reach spaces, and rescuing people in high places that could not be reached before his amazing pants. The public loves them. But SpongeBob wants to be free with the jellyfish, but everyone needs him to do hero-like stuff. SpongeBob tries to get to Jellyfish Fields, but Cannonball Jenkins shoots him down. His pants pop. SpongeBob lies on the ground unconscious. The fish walk over to him. "I Think A Proper Burial Is in order." says one, and picks up the pants. "A Pair of pants like these come around...once in a life time." SpongeBob wakes up, notices he is in his underwear and not flying. He is crestfallen, and walks over to his jellyfish buddies. But to his surprise, the jellyfish get under his feet and take him soaring through the sky! Flying with his friends is what SpongeBob wanted in the first place. The episode breaks into a heartwarming song about flying and friendship.

Back at Patchy's house, he loved the episode and wants to play it again. He then loses the remote but then it is thrown through his window. But, Patchy does not know how to use the remote and in the process of finding out breaks the video tape, making the lost episode truly lost forever, Causing the reviling That the lost episode was actually The last episode of SpongeBob SqaurePants! The French Narrator then says as long as there are stars in the sky SpongeBob will live forever in our minds and hearts and then tells the viewer to get lost, then says bye, then says get lost again as a constellation of SpongeBob's pencil-drawn self appears in the sky, telling that after the lost episode was destroyed, a SpongeBob constellation appeared in the night sky, but really, It's just a DX (Double Xpousre) effect.


  • When Potty lands the egg on the remote, in the next shot it vanishes.
  • And how come Patchy couldn't just hit the remote button himself?
  • After the walk cycles, the color bars change between shots.
  • Why would SpongeBob try to learn how to fly if they live under water?
  • Patrick first invented inflatable pants in episode Patty Hype.
  • How could SpongeBob not know how to fly when we saw him fly by inflating himself in Wormy and Sleepy Time, imitating a flying rocket in Jellyfish Hunter and Krusty Towers, and by getting tied to a balloon in Rock Bottom? However this episode might take place before these episodes.
  • When the clerk at the store SpongeBob is returning his kite to and shows him the newspaper, it shows SpongeBob in his beach outfit rather than his normal outfit.
  • When SpongeBob flies over to change the light bulb in the lighthouse, the boat is moving pretty fast into the big rocks and is about to hit it, but it took SpongeBob a few seconds to switch the light bulb and the boat would have definitely hit it by then, but it did not.
  • It was revealed that Patrick has the ability to fly. The second time he can be seen flying is in A Life in a Day.
  • When the tape pours out of the VCR at the end of the show, Patchy the Pirate gets tangled up. A shot later, the tape is three times longer than it was the shot before it. There's no way the tape could have poured out that fast.
  • The title card in this episode resembles the title of The Simpsons which is seen in the beginning of The Simpsons intro.
  • This is the first episode to use mariachi band music. The second is The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.The third is Goo Goo Gas.
  • When the Lost Episode has no 3 first SpongeBob Episodes. Just like:
  • The snail that Mrs. Puff had is similar to Squidward's snail, Snellie.
  • A coloring book was released, at least several months before this episode was aired, revealing much of the episode.
  • This is not the first time someone has fallen in the abyss at jellyfish fields. Patrick has fallen in, it too.
  • The part where SpongeBob falls down onto jellyfish fields is probably a parody of Superman.
  • There is no such thing as SpongeBob constellations in the sky.
  • This is the only lost episode of the entire series.
    • But it's not really "lost".
  • The forked tree is is a visual pun.
  • The remote Patchy has a built in Mariachti Band.
  • Joe Mama (person who called SpongeBob) is a parody of "Yo Mama" jokes.
  • When SpongeBob passes by the funeral near the end, Peterson is crying next to the grave, but he is also on the other side of the grave. It's probably Mr. Nat! Or Nat is where Mr. Peterson is.
  • In the song when SpongeBob saves Mrs.Puff's snail she calls him "BIRDMAN". Doesn't she know his name?


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