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The King Jellyfish is a large, monarchical jellyfish which obviously has more power than others of his type.The King Jellyfish was trying to zap Kevin in the episode I'm Your Biggest Fanatic.

We can assume, as a Jellyfish monarch, he leads the colonies of Jellyfish throughout Jellyfish Fields, presumably as a queen bee leads its hive.

He also despises Kevin, possibly because Kevin invented jellyfish oinment, and has an appetite for pie.

[edit] Appearance

The King Jellyfish is a huge purple Jellyfish, bigger than any other one, and boasts a red royal robe fluffed with the wite and fuzzy and a golden crown.

[edit] Trivia

  • According to Kevin, the King's binomial nomenclature (Latin genus/species) is "Cnideria rex".
  • The King Jellyfish is the only Jellyfish to ever speak true English, saying "Kevin!", "Mmm!", "What the...?" and "Yummy!".
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