Valentine's Day (Episode)

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Valentine's Day
Titlecard Valentine's Day.jpg

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Episode No.: 16a
Season: 1
Airdate: February 14, 2000
Previous Episode: Suds
Next Episode: The Paper
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence

Valentine's Day is an episode from Season 1.


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[edit] Plot

The episode begins with a shot of SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob suddenly dashes out through the door with a pile of valentines in his arms, screams out "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!", and begins giving them to his friends, but bad things happen in turn, such as Mrs. Puff running into a fire hydrant when she gets hers. He even gives one to Plankton, which is delivered with the help of tweezers. He then comes up to Sandy's treedome and they present gifts to each other. Sandy gives SpongeBob a nut with an arrow though it and says, "I'm nuts for you!," and in turn, SpongeBob blows a bubble of chocolare into Sandy's moutn. He then tells Sandy his plan for Patrick's valentine gift, which involves taking him to the Valentine's Day carnival, getting him on the ferris wheel, and revealing to him a hot-air balloon made of Chocolate with a marshmallow Star on either side and a reeded basket. Sandy agrees to the plan, and SpongeBob leaves.

He then visits Patrick, who's making a rock heart for him, and SpongeBob teases Patrick by continuously telling him he can't see it yet because it's not ready yet. They then leave, and when they arrive at the carnival, Patrick goes on a frenzy to find out where the gift is, and constantly guesses the gift is something silly, like the carnival or a quarter. Meanwhile, Sandy is sailing the bubble to the carnival, but is interrupted by chocolate-eating scallops. Back at the carnival, after trying to find the gift at a nearby mountain, SpongeBob takes Patrick to the ferris wheel to see the sky, and after SpongeBob tells him to look at the sky until he sees it, Sandy tells him via walkie-talkie that chocolate-eating scallops are attacking the balloon, and a scallop pops the balloon, so SpongeBob is forced to go to Plan B, but he only has one plan.

Patrick's excitement begins to overtake him as he starts to shake up and down, causing the Ferris wheel to shake, then jump. SpongeBob has to tell him that the present is a handshake, and Patrick gets angry because he got a single handshake. They then go visit other attractions to cheer him up, but nothing works. SpongeBob's other friends visit him to thank him for the gifts they gave him. After a few friends visit, Patrick becomes extremely angry, and when some guy asks SpongeBob and Patrick for the time, the latter turns red in anger, jumps up, tosses him away, and screams, "PATRICK NEEDS LOVE TOO-OO-OOOOO!!!!" He then throws a fit and starts wrecking the carnival. He sees a balloon cart, cuts the strings to the balloons, and wrecks the cart. He sees a mascot dressed as a giant heart, says "I DEFY YOU, HEART MAN!!!!" and destroys the heart suit. Because of the damage he's inflicting, the intercom tells the crowd that there's a chubby pink starfish on the loose, and everybody panics. He sees a ride in the carnival that consists of a heart on a stick with small carriages rotating around it, and angrily says "HEART ON STICK MUST DIE!!!!". However, he is unsuccessful in breaking it, then sees a heart-shaped lollipop being held by a girl. Again, he turns red and angrily says "Heart on stick must die!" and furiously breaks it and then angrily eats it. He advances on the people a few minutes later, and they try to give him gifts, but he angrily says "Nope, it's too late for that now... for ALL of you!", meaning he is about to kill everyone, starting with SpongeBob.

But before he gets the chance, Sandy arrives on the balloon, with spots of the balloon covered with bandages from the scallop attack. They all tell him to turn around, but he refuses until Sandy shouts "Howdy, Patrick!" He turns around and shouts "Hi Sandy", becomes awestruck, and then takes a bite of his present, and the whole carnival is covered in chocolate. Smiling at SpongeBob and completely forgetting his anger, Patrick says, "Aww, SpongeBob, you didn't have to get me anything," and the episode concludes.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • In the Dutch dub of this episode, when the guy asks Patrick for the time, Patrick tells him the time (3:15 PM) instead of saying "Patrick needs love, too!"
  • When a scallop takes a bite out of the chocolate balloon, it is filled with air. But when Patrick takes a bite out of it, it is filled with chocolate splattering all over the place.
  • When Sandy is on the chocolate balloon her tail is missing and her suit seems to be smaller.
  • This episode is not regularly broadcast due to it being a holiday episode.
  • At the Ferris wheel, SpongeBob says D'oh!, like Homer Simpson but more longer and softly.
  • This is the second Holiday-themed SpongeBob episode, after Scaredy Pants.
  • There is a mini-game based on this episode called "Love Hurts!"

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for Valentine's Day

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