Valentine's Day Carnival

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The Carnival!!!
The Fun House
The Rollercoaster!
Buddy Bounce
The Whirl-a-Whirl behind SpongeBob

Valentine's Day Carnival is a carnival that is near the base of Mount Climb-up and Fall-off and is seen in the episodes: Valentine's Day and To Love a Patty. It is valentine-themed and is possible that it is only open on Valentine's Day.


[edit] Known Attractions

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Roller Coaster
  • Fun House
  • Buddy Bounce
  • The Whirly Valentine Stick
  • Whirl-a-Whirl
  • The Kiddy Ride (in the episode: To Love a Patty)

[edit] Snacks and Souvenirs

  • Cotton Candy ($0.25)
  • Strawberry/Caramel/Chocolate Valentine Stick
  • Valentine Cards and Presents
  • Balloons (destroyed by Patrick)

[edit] Employees

  • Lou (Cotton Candy)
  • Balloon Guy
  • Sweet Valentine Heart Hugger
  • Valentine's Day Carnival Radio Announcer
  • The Director and Owner of the Carnival (unknown)

[edit] Destruction

When Patrick went on a rampage, some of the carnival was torn apart when Patrick was furious that no one was showing him any love. Then when Sandy gave Patrick the Chocolate Balloon, it blew up and chocolate went everywhere.

[edit] Trivia

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