Mount Climb-up and Fall-off

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Patrick falling off of Mount Climb-Up-And-Fall-Off.
Mount Climb-Up-And-Fall-Off is a mountain in the background of the episode Valentine's Day. It can be found near the Valentine's Day Carnival. Obviously, it was named after it is ability to let people climb up and jump off of it, then land on the ground on their face. It is not as tall as you'd think a mountain would be - in fact, it's just a big rock. It is mainly just a background cliff. Patrick had the initiative to climb up 3 times and fall flat on his face.

[edit] Appearance in "Valentine's Day"

Shortly after SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at the carnival, Patrick gets excited and suspects that SpongeBob hid his valentine gift on Mount Climb-Up-And-Fall-Off. Then, we see Patrick climb up the mountain and fall on his face.While SpongeBob is talking to Sandy on the Radio Speakers, we can also hear Patrick repeatedly climbing up and falling off of the mountain, still looking for SpongeBob’s gift, though it's not there.

[edit] Trivia

  • Despite it being named a mountain, it looks more like a cliff, and does not appear to be tall enough to count as a mountain.
  • It is colored pink and white, but most of the rocky terrain in Bikini Bottom is purple and white.
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