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The Bikini Bottom News (BBN) is a channel on TV, (which Patrick thinks is boring in the episode SpongeHenge). There are lots of different reporters. Everyone's favorite is Perch Perkins, who starred in the news flash announcing the Krusty Krab 2. In the earlier episodes, Johnny that did the news flashes. In the episode The Krusty Sponge and A SquarePants Family Vacation, two fish named Bob and Barbara hosts the news, and Gene Scallop reviewed the Krusty Krab in his segment, Bottom Feeding. The News featuring Perch Perkins is seen in many other episodes, such as Once Bitten, where Perch was talking about the Mad Snail Disease, and then in the episode The Pink Purloiner, Perch was at Jellyfish Fields talking about the Jellyfish Migration.

The news even appears on the radio as seen in the The Hot Shot.


[edit] Reporters

[edit] Segments

The news may have these segments during their news hours

  • News-All news, morning news,local news,breaking news,world news,etc...
  • Weather
  • Crime
  • Top Stories
  • Food and lifestyle
  • Sports (Local)
  • Sports (Int'l)
  • Health
  • Government(Politics)
  • Education
  • In the Papers
  • Viral Videos
  • Recap of the news (only at the morning)
  • Hollywood/Celebrity news
  • Movie Reviews
  • Magazine Review
  • Book Review
  • Finical Updates/Marketing/Jobs Stuff
  • Business Updates/Economic News

[edit] Headlines

The News had a few stories on the news and who it was reported by. Johnny is the one who breaks the news but give it to mostly Perch Perkins who is live on the scene.

[edit] Trivia

  • There is also a news paper, named "Bikini Bottom Newspaper" and they may be associated.
  • It is unknown what their news hours may be but it has to be during the morning,afternoon,evening. The radio hours are probably unknown.
  • Mother SquarePants and Father SquarePants seem to watch it. As seen in the episode BlackJack
  • In The Great Patty Caper the news was headlined Bikini Bottom Special Report.
  • In Karate Star there is a completely different reporter on the TV in the Barg'n Mart. He was also in A Day Without Tears.
  • In What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, Perch Perkins was reporting for KNKC Special Report. He could probably be working for both stations.
  • In The Hot Shot when Perch was reporting on the radio, it may have been the first time for the station and he is probably their main radio anchor and maybe the only one.

[edit] Gallery

Bikini Bottom News Reporters
BarbaraBobBen FlennyCamera ManRealistic Fish HeadGene ScallopPerch Perkins
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