Tunnel of Glove (Place)

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Outside the Tunnel of Glove
The Entrance to the Tunnel of Glove

The Tunnel of Glove was one of the many amusement park rides at Glove World, an amusement park. The ride appears in the episode Tunnel of Glove. The title is a parody of the famous ride, the Tunnel of Love. The Tunnel of Glove was destroyed, and then replaced by "The Rockafire House".


[edit] Appearance

The outside is shaped like a glove. The interior is filled with Cupids and hearts. There are many animatronics portraying couples.

[edit] Destruction

Pearl threw something in the water and stopped the ride, causing them stuck. Patrick wanted to help, but destroyed many mechanisms and caused the system to switch to Really Super Fast Mode, overrided the animatronics (which blew off their faces and turned them evil), and he flooded the ride. The ride exploded. SpongeBob and Pearl were inside, but lived and were scared.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • One machine inside the repair-house looked like SpongeBob.

[edit] Appearances

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