The Battle of Bikini Bottom (Episode)

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The Battle of Bikini Bottom
Episode No.: 97b
Airdate: 23.11.2007
Season: Season 5
Previous Episode: 20,000 Patties Under the Sea
Next Episode: What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

"The Battle of Bikini Bottom" is an Episode from Season 5.






About 1801


At the Bikini Bottom Mall (the same from Money Talks and Whale of a Birthday), SpongeBob and Patrick are wearing Best Friend shirts with arrows that point east and west, respectively. Before they can buy them, a lady comes next to SpongeBob and Patrick thinks that the lady is SpongeBob's new best friend. Patrick cries and whimpers a lot while SpongeBob tries to explain. Soon, another lady comes next to Patrick. SpongeBob and Patrick are so freaked out because their Best Friend shirt arrows point to ladies.

They rip up the shirts even though they do not own them and are soon kicked out of the Bikini Bottom Mall and land in a War Fort. It is discovered there that Fish are battling for something (we never know), and Patrick thinks it's about cleanliness and filth resistance. Patrick wants SpongeBob to join him to have filthy germs and dirtiness and never wash again. However, SpongeBob likes clean and soap. Patrick gets very angry at SpongeBob for not joining him to have filth, so he decides to not be his best friend.

At the battleground, SpongeBob and Patrick fight in a cleanliness plight. SpongeBob tries to make Patrick clean including a nail polish, soap bubble water, and brushing teeth. Patrick tries to make SpongeBob dirty by picking noses and place boogers, cover him in dirty things, and give him a really automatic atomic dirty underwear wedgies. They soon roll into the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob hides in the kitchen. Patrick finds him in the kitchen too, and uses his Krabby Patties as squeaky boots while SpongeBob throws onions at him. The battle finally ends at the left of the Krusty Krab. Patrick has a entire one ton garbage can while SpongeBob inflates and increases his size to blow clean soap bubbles at him.

At the same time, Patrick becomes so squeaky clean and SpongeBob comes very dirty. After muttering, they soon like this because it will take a massive amount of cleaning/getting dirty to get them back to being their old selves. Soon, SpongeBob tells the War soldiers that they can be whatever they want in a long speech. Soon, the soldier teams decide to end the war and do "manly" activities like , play hockey, and football or knitting fluffy sweaters.

Cultural References

  • This episode had vintage Ren and Stimpy Humor.


  • This is the first episode where SpongeBob and Patrick battled each other with weapons. They got more violent in Sand Castles in the Sand.
  • There is a video game named after this episode called Battle for Bikini Bottom
  • The uniforms worn during the battle are similar to the outfits worn in the American Revolution and so is the battle itself.
  • The story of the battle is similar to the story about the Hatfields and The McCoys.
  • Patrick states in this episode that he has never washed his hands and "never will", however, in the episode Something Smells, Patrick is seen washing his hands in the bathroom of the Reef movie theater. This is another example of the disregard towards continuity (mistake between episodes).
  • This was the first and so far only time we saw Patrick having toe nails.
  • After polishing Patrick's huge toenails, in the next scene it was already gone.
  • In this episode, Patrick is shown to be very dirty and to hate being clean. But in the episode Rise and Shine, he says, "A clean mouth is a happy mouth" while attempting to brush his teeth. Also, he brushed his teeth in the episode Dumped(after he uses the same brush in his arm pits though).
  • SpongeBob noted that Patrick did not have a nose, although in this episode, he produced one. However, in Wet Painters he pulled a lot of hair from his nose with the paintbrush, but SpongeBob probably didn't see Patrick pull it out.
  • SpongeBob got very angry at Patrick for putting Krabby Patties on his feet but yet in Krabs a la Mode everyone in the Krusty Krab was skating with patties on their feet and SpongeBob didn't get angry then. Also, Patrick skated with Krabby Patties in Wet Painters, but he did not get mad.
  • When Patrick became squeaky clean he somehow grew girly eyelashes.
  • When Patrick yells "Hopping clams!", the closed captioning spelled clams as crabs.
  • In this episode Patrick can make a nose, but in the episode No Nose Knows he said he does not have a nose.
  • In this episode SpongeBob hated being squirted with brain juice, yet in the episode Penny Foolish he didn't mind.
  • Somehow, Patrick's "Morning Breath" made Spongebob disintergrate.
  • This is the first episode where Patrick's skin is like a coat. It was seen like a coat in another episode, Stuck in the Wringer.
  • Patrick takes a weekly condiment soak in Wigstruck (which is probably a way to keep his filth up)


Transcript for The Battle of Bikini Bottom

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