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The Mall

The Bikini Bottom Mall is a shopping mall in Bikini Bottom. It appears in Whale of a Birthday, To Love a Patty, Money Talks, The Battle of Bikini Bottom, Porous Pockets & To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants. From those episodes, it shows a lot of what they sell and have to offer.

[edit] Design

The mall has a very large design and a large, semicircle door, which is presumably made out of glass. It is revealed from far away that it has 3 main floors, and a top floor with 5 windows on the entrance side. It has a large foghorn at the top, which probably makes a loud sound. It is fairly rusty although it looks to be made out of decent metals. There are also medium-sized foghorns on the very top of the third floor. The main colors of the outside are a white partly covered with rust, and some varying shades of brown.

[edit] Items and Stores

Inside there is a lot of shops and items. In the middle sections of the mall there are Jellyfish rides in which SpongeBob and Patty used. The mall also sells fairy-tale/princess costumes, corn dogs, diapers, and lollipops. Pearl and her friends love to shop there, and they buy a variety of objects there. There are also items like pet seahorses, boats, ballet shoes, lipsticks, and a whole lot of teenage girl stuff. A pink party dress costs $39.99 (a fair price), a set of pink sunglasses cost $149.99 (an expensive price), and a pair of red high-heel shoes cost $300.99 (an outrageous price!). The mall also sells shirts that have arrows pointing in a direction that says "Best friend". Some stores are a pet shop, a sports store, a music store, a store that sells a LOT of strawberry gum, and a clothing store.

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