No Nose Knows (Episode)

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No Nose Knows

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Episode No.: 107b
Season: 6
Airdate: 4 August 2008
Previous Episode: Giant Squidward
Next Episode: Patty Caper
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass

© Viacom

"No Nose Knows" is an episode from Season 6.



Time Cards Shown

  • 48 Hours Later




Squidward returns from a trip and finds some flowers that he discovers SpongeBob and Patrick in. Patrick soon wishes he could smell like the others and he goes with SpongeBob through Bikini Bottom. Patrick still wants a nose and SpongeBob suggests surgery. Patrick does so, and ends up getting a huge nose that eventually annoys everyone in Bikini Bottom, especially Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Squidward by getting rid of all the bad smells. They have a meeting with SpongeBob attending with them and he suggests something that smells so bad that it would eliminate the problem with Patrick. They do so and it causes Patrick's nose to shrivel up, fall off, and vanish. Patrick says he wanted to simply be like them and runs away crying. The others feel bad and see The Nose Of Patrick Star's grave. Squidward insults Patrick, and Patrick is heard exclaiming "I heard that!" when he is shown with huge ears.


  • The original title was "Patrick Picks A Nose".
  • When SpongeBob was lifting weights at his house with the dolls, in one one scene, you can see that he starting to get muscles, like Sandy.
  • The German title "Eine Nase fur Patrick" means "A Nose for Patrick".
  • In the Backround of the Title card is the Stink Ball SpongeBob made to get rid of Patrick's nose.
  • The Garbage Ball is a reference to Patrick's Ball of Gum in The Gift of Gum.
  • When Fred was eating at the Krusty Krab, he was green. But, when Patrick puts the candle on his table,he is blue.
  • The blue male fish with the pasteries has a very feminine voice.


Transcript for Nose Knows

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