Dr. Marmalade

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Dr. Marmelade

Dr. Marty Marmalade Born July 19, 1935 (age 80) is one of Sandy's bosses. He is a friend of Lord Reginald and Professor Percy. He was first seen in the episode Chimps Ahoy. He and the other chimps own Sandy's Treedome. He doesn't seem to be unintelligent, and he was the second Chimp to talk. Dr. Marmalade thought that Patrick's name was Mister Doctor Professor Patrick. He is voiced by Nigel Planer.

[edit] Looks

Dr Marmalade wears a purple vest, light blue long sleeves, a small black bowler hat and dark blue tie. He also has a moustache and he is light brown colored. He is also to be considered to be overweight and has a British accent, along with the other two bosses.

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