You Don't Know Sponge (Episode)

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You Don't Know Sponge

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Episode No.: 149a
Season: 7
Airdate: August 9, 2010
Previous Episode: Whelk Attack
Next Episode: Tunnel of Glove
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
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You Don't Know Sponge is an episode from season 7.


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SpongeBob and Patrick are making animal noises, when Squidward asks them to be quiet. The two then attempt to hold their breath, but they soon burst out with animal noises again. SpongeBob tells Squidward that they are mimicking their favorite sounds. SpongeBob is imitating the sound of a laughing dolphin while Patrick imitates the song of a blue whale. A real whale then hears Patrick, and it reminds him of Martha, a possible love interest/ex.

SpongeBob pulls out a magazine called Simple-Ton Magazine, stating it has tons of simple things to do. Squidward sarcastically states that it must be really mentally challenging, and SpongeBob tells him it is. SpongeBob flips open the magazine and turns to the only activity he has never done yet, the "Best Friend Quiz". SpongeBob thinks it will be easy since he thinks he and Patrick know everything about each other. SpongeBob and Patrick have trouble deciding who will take the quiz first, and Squidward throws a boot at SpongeBob and tells him to pick one.

SpongeBob takes the quiz first and answers all the questions about Patrick correctly. Patrick then takes the quiz and fails to answer a single question right. SpongeBob then gives him easier questions, seemingly on purpose. Patrick still fails to answer any question correctly, and Squidward begins to laugh. SpongeBob believes that Patrick is still his friend, until Patrick gets him the wrong flavor of ice cream. SpongeBob runs off crying and tells Patrick that he doesn't even know him anymore. SpongeBob is at his house crying, when he goes outside and sees Patrick. SpongeBob tries to avoid him, but Patrick says "Hi SpongeBob!" SpongeBob tries to act casual, saying "Good afternoon, Mister Star."

SpongeBob then arrives at Sandy's house to tell her how awful it was. Sandy tells SpongeBob that you don't need to know everything about your friend, because that's what makes friendship interesting. SpongeBob then leaves, only to cry again, and Sandy calls him a cry baby. SpongeBob tries to have fun by himself, saying that he can go jellyfishing, but he remembers that Patrick used to jellyfish with him. SpongeBob then attempts to play leapfrog with a rock, but it crushes him. He then blows a bubble, but it is shaped like Patrick. SpongeBob then spots Patrick walking past, so he hides underground.

SpongeBob begins spying on Patrick to see what he doesn't know about him, and he notices that Patrick works out at the gym and hangs out with Larry the Lobster. Patrick and Larry enter a cookery store, and SpongeBob pops out of a blender. SpongeBob hides in the blender when Patrick approaches him, but Patrick turns on the blender. The two then purchase stuff from the magic store, and SpongeBob pops out of a magic hat upon their exit. It is revealed that Larry was helping Patrick buy a present for his "real best friend", SpongeBob. Patrick had gotten him a pair of mustached glasses, but when SpongeBob puts them on, Patrick runs off and calls SpongeBob a "mysterious stranger".

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • A clip of this episode can be seen on
  • The title card music is the same as A Day Without Tears.
  • Patrick's favorite color is Aquamarine.
  • SpongeBob's favorite color is Beige.
  • In this episode, Patrick is shown to be right-handed. Patrick is not just right-handed, he is also ambidextrous. One example of him shown to be left-handed was in the episode, "Krusty Towers".
  • When SpongeBob asked Patrick a question about his dominant hand, the only choices he gave were "right-handed" and "left-handed", and the correct answer was "ambidextrous"; this was not one of the possible answers that he gave out.
  • The Magic Shop from F.U.N. is seen again.
  • Frank from Pranks a Lot is seen again.
  • SpongeBob is an outie.
  • SpongeBob's favorite ice cream is Vanilla.

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for You Don't Know Sponge

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