New Fish in Town (Episode)

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New Fish in Town
New fish in town.jpg

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Episode No.: 151a
Season: 7
Airdate: January 15, 2011
Previous Episode: The Wreck of the Mauna Loa
Next Episode: Love That Squid
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Howard Dee Bradley Baker

New Fish in Town is an episode from Season 7.


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[edit] Plot

Patrick decides to rent out his front yard to make some extra money. Then Howard moves in with his trailer as his home. After Squidward meets Howard he learns that he has the same interests as him then decides that he should stay with him. After both SpongeBob and Patrick come back from Jellyfishing they find out that Howard has moved in and Patrick has become a landlord. Howard says that he can't stand bubble blowers and jellyfishers. So Squidward creates a fence and a concrete wall to make sure SpongeBob and Patrick stay away. But Howard finds out that Squidward was hiding from him SpongeBob and Patrick after trying to make them stop he later pops a bubble by mistake and realizes he has fun blowing bubbles. Then Squidward knocks Howard's Home down the hill after doing both of SpongeBob and Patrick's. Then Squidward tires to pop a bubble but the bubble moves away from him and the episode ends as Squid chases the bubble down the hill and then the episode ends.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Howard is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • It is shown that Bubbles dislike Squidward.
  • This is the second time Squidward uses a Bulldozer to move away SpongeBob's House. The first time was in Opposite Day.
  • When Squidward builds the wall around Howard's trailer but in the next scene the wall is gone.
  • In the full episode at the SpongeBob website the video is titled as New Fish in a Big Town instead of New Fish in Town.

[edit] Transcript

Transcript for New Fish in Town

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