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SpongeBob's Brain House is placed in SpongeBob's head. It is pink and centered in his head according to Plankton! where Plankton goes to his brain. It appears in the episodes Plankton!, Stuck in the Wringer, Earworm, and The Inside Job. In Stuck in the Wringler, SpongeBob washes his brain, which makes it feeling well. And in The Inside Job, Plankton again goes to SpongeBob's brain. It is an house which looks like SpongeBob's real House. There is Brain Gary which also looks like the real Gary.

It also appears in Penny Foolish where it falls from SpongeBob's head and runs away! While SpongeBob chases him, a music appears simillar to the end of Mrs. Puff, You're Fired. In House Fancy, Patrick lends the brain, and returns to SpongeBob one week later. It makes another appearance at the end of A Day Without Tears when midnight passed.

[edit] Looks

It is pink. It is centered in the middle of SpongeBob's head. Inside it, there is SpongeBob's House, but pink. Inside it, there is a pink living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the library. On one shelf, there are some funny papers. One of them says:

Krabby Patty Secret Recipe → The heart

[edit] Trivia

  • It has got a bridge (water/crying gate) as seen in A Day Without Tears. Maybe SpongeBob built it himself only not to cry before midnight.

[edit] Appearances

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