Treats! (Episode)

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Episode No.: 174a
Season: 8/2011
Airdate: April 10, 2012
Previous Episode: Demolition Doofus
Next Episode: For Here or to Go
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Gary the Snail Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Snail Bites.jpeg
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Treats! is an episode from Season 8.


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[edit] Plot

Gary is eager to indulge in some Snail Bites that SpongeBob brings home. But then he can't seem to get enough...

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • Gary meows more often in this episode than any other episode, even more often than in Culture Shock.
  • At the end of this episode, Patrick starts to meow like Gary because Patrick ran out of Snail Bites.
  • One small "no" apparently freaks out Patrick.
  • In this episode, Patrick eats snail food.

[edit] Transcript

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