Pizza Castle

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The Pizza Castle is a pizza place only mentioned in The Bully. It is unknown what it looks like. When SpongeBob answered Patrick's order call, Patrick thought that SpongeBob was working there now. The only known employee at this restaurant is named Mario (which is an Italian name, mostly and pizza is an Italian dish). The only known people who order there are Flats and Patrick.


  • It may look like a castle, hence the name.
  • It is probably a parody of White Castle restaurants.
  • Pizza Castle is Pizza Hut and White Castle blended together.


SpongeBob: Death row, next in line speaking.

Patrick: (on phone) Hi, I'd like to place an order for delivery.

SpongeBob: Patrick? Is that you? (cut back to Patrick's rock)

Patrick: Yeah, hey Mario. Let me get a large double olive, double- (cut back to SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Patrick, listen! It's me, SpongeBob! I need your help!

Patrick: (on phone) You're working at Pizza Castle now?

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