Martha's Craft Zone

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Martha's Craft Zone!

Martha's Craft Zone is a shop/craftmarket with many crafty objects. It is only seen in the episode: Have You Seen This Snail? and is located in Bass Vegas.

[edit] Interior

The Interior of Martha's Craft Zone is of a good standard and the shop acts like a crafty supermarket. Inside there are objects such as Scented Pinecones, balsa wood, glue, different colored fabric, Styrofoam, yarn dowels and many other different miscellaneous items. The shelves are colored green, and there are many aisles. Grandma and Gary came to get scented pinecones, and so did Patrick when SpongeBob was looking for Gary in the same episode. Unfortunately, due to Patrick's short attention span, he only said "Hi" to Gary and forgot that SpongeBob lost him.

[edit] Exterior

On the outside of the store, the shop has a sign displaying "Martha's Craft Zone". On the window there is a sign saying "Sale". From the outside, it looks as if the place is very small but it is actually really big and bulky. There is room for parking.

[edit] Real Life Reference

Martha's Craft Zone is a parody of Michael's and Joann's, who both also sell crafts.

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