Palace of Pranks

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The inside of Palace of pranks
The outside of Palace of pranks

Palace of Pranks is a novelty shop that appears in the episode, Pranks a Lot. It is owned by Frank. It can be inferred that SpongeBob is a frequent customer because he is well known by Frank.

[edit] Merchandise

Around the shop there are many prank items including:

  • Gag Seanut Brittle - a reference to "Peanut Brittle". Patrick assumes that there is real Seanut Brittle inside all of them.
  • Joy Buzzers - Frank calls it "the Granddaddy of all Pranks."
  • Toy mouths that bite when wound up
  • Fake Tentacles
  • Exploding Chewing Gum - $9.95 (blows head completely off)
  • Fake Gag Dollar - $1.00 (fools people into thinking you've got a real dollar)
  • Whoopie Cushion - $1.00 (also shown in the episode Funny Pants)
  • Fake Vomit - $1.00 (plastic replica of vomit)
  • Real Vomit - $1.00 (oddly costs the same as the fake vomit)
  • Invisible Spray - $1.00 (discounted for SpongeBob because he is Frank's #1 customer)
  • Second Gag Seanut Brittle can - another can of Seanut Brittle that Patrick found in the store after SpongeBob pranked him with the first one. Patrick says, "Hey, Seanut Brittle!" and opens up the can. The spring sprongs/Fake snakes fly out and Patrick mutters "Oh, darn it, not again!" SpongeBob then roars in laughter.

However, this place doesn't give change. Because when SpongeBob offered a stack of money for a $1.00 Invisible Spray he didn't receive any change.

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